Students collaborating with international peers on global issues

The InventFuture.Global Challenges are a series of three on-line, interactive, working educational sessions all focused on a specific global issue as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students from around the globe will be working together to identify problems, create solutions and present them to the world. By participating in these IF.G Challenges, students will learn the skills they need to be true problem solvers as they also meet and learn about students in other countries, environments and societies.

Students are going to find a real world problem related drinkable water, design a solution. And contribute to the 6th goal – CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION.

Goal – To ensure access to safe water sources and sanitation for all.

What is the story of drinkable water in your country?
What problems do you find?
Who will be affected by this problem?

Session 1 – Problem Identification and Sharing

Students will discuss and choose a specific problem that relates to the theme. They will then share with the group how that problem effects their country and learn how that same problem impacts other people around the world in different ways and degrees.

Educational Goal
To learn how to identify problems, do research on them, understand the underlying issues and present that information to others, while learn how the same problem is view by others in different countries.

Session 2 – Brainstorming and SCAMPER

Students will brainstorm together to generate ideas about how to address the same issue, but from different directions according to the needs and conditions of their country. Students will then identify new or existing devices that might be of some help in addressing the issues and do SCAMPER activities to make them even better and more effective.

Educational Goal
To learn how to use the Brainstorming activity to identify and uncover ideas and then to use the SCAMPER process and collaboration to enhance current or new devices into new possible solutions.

Session3 – Idea Pitch

Students need to have an invention or prototype to participate this event. In IFG Online Judging Circle, students will present the whole inventing process of their own.

Educational Goal
To learn how to present problems and share ideas about how to address them, so that other people will understand and appreciate what you have and developed, and how it will address the problem.


Saturday 30 Jan 2020Problem Identification

Saturday 27 Feb 2020Brainstorming & SCAMPER

Saturday 20 Mar 2020Idea Pitch

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