Online Pitch Guidelines

  • All pitches must include Introduction: favorite invention name, student’s name, grade, and country.
  • Your pitch should no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Your pitch should present your favorite invention elements outlined in the criteria.
  • The pitch must address the research you have done to understand the value of the invention, and how the invention was created.
  • All pitches must have presentation slides.
Helpful Hints
  • Begin with introductions. Each student should introduce their name, grade, country, and name of their favorite invention.
  • Your pitch must address the value of your favorite invention, the research you made to understand the value and how the invention was created.
  • Be sure to present the inventing process that you researched of your favorite invention. What challenges did the inventor encounter? What changes did the inventor make and why?

You may also want to talk about:

  • How did the inventor come up with the idea for this invention?
  • What people, situations, or conditions does this problem affect?
  • How did the inventor create the invention?
  • Who helped you with your research on your favorite invention?
  • What changes might you want to make to your favorite invention?
Frequently asked questions during Q&A
  • Why is this your favorite invention?
  • What did you learn from this inventor/invention?
  • What is the problem this invention solves?
  • How does this invention work?
  • Did the inventor make any changes to the invention? Why did the inventor make those changes?
  • Who do you think will use this invention?
  • Does the invention help the world or just a few people?
  • What impact on the environment do you think the invention will have?

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