Summer Invention Program – TMSC (SIPT) is a pioneer education program which is led by experienced invention educators. The mission is to foster higher order learning and thinking by utilizing the latest technologies, relevant curricula and advanced teaching practices to best equip students for our rapidly changing world, while cultivating responsible global citizens. 

SIPT students will take 2 weeks exploring, learning and having fun in Talcott Mountain Science Center, which is located in Avon, Connecticut, US, together with famous educator, engineer and entrepreneur – Professor Jake Mendelssohn, who is the director of SIPT program.

Component 1
TMSC Creative Technology

SIPT students will sign up for one of the following 1 week’s technical creative courses. There will be about 6 SIPT students working with about 6 American students in each class.learn popular techniques that would be used in inventing.

Component 2
Invention Process and Entrepreneurship

SIPT students will learn the 7-step process to develop an invention that is original, well-constructed and solves an identified problem or need, and what it takes to bring an invention to market.

Component 3
Let’s Play!

After-school exploration gives the students opportunity to live in American way to experience American sports, culture, nature, science and food. E.g. attend professional baseball game at Yard Goats Stadium. SIPT students will even get a chance to explore and discover the sights and wonders of the universe using Talcott’s Mountain’s large and small telescopes if the weather is good.

What to Expect

  • Students will take the program at TMSC, Connecticut, US
  • The goal of the SIPT is NOT to make an invention. They will be making a model of a prototype, which they will use to demonstrate how the real invention would work if it were actually created.
  • They will know and experience the invention process, so that they will have the real-world problem-solving skills they will need in their future career, whatever that might be.
  • They will learn from famous American educator, engineer and entrepreneur. Professor Jake Mendelssohn will direct whole project, and instruct session 2. 
  • They will gain the understanding of responsible global citizens.
  • It is Fun!


Age: 10-12

Language: English

Nationality: Not limited

Registration Deadline: 01 MAR 2020

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