Version: 2020-02-26. Designed by Vera. Reviewed by Ee Ping


  • Engaging students of different nationalities
  • Boosting communication among students
  • Previewing the inventions on event
  • Preparing for the collaboration of Big Challenge

Mission Description

Q&A with 6 inventors to test your preliminary guesses. It should include at least inventors from 3 nationalities. You can only view the names of all the inventions on the event and then give your guesses concerning one of the following questions and then asks the inventor for the answer. (You answer one question to one inventor)

Who are the users of the invention?
Where can this invention best be placed?
What kind of problem would the inventor address?
What might be the most difficult part in the invention process?
What factors would influence the operation of this invention?
What material is crucial in this invention?
What kind of energy would power this invention?
Other questions (question from the student who invented it)

The inventor who receives your guess will give you feedback or the answer. Then you’ve got one point. All together, when you collect 6 points, you compete this task and will receive an online badge.

(Students participating the Ice-breaking will have a focused attention of some inventions and other inventors so that when the event begins, they can view the invention for details with purpose. Also, later on in the Big Challenge, students would also have been acquainted with other inventors and know how to approach them to form a team.)

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