IFIC 2020 Online

IFIC 2020 event is postponed. New date is to be determined. IFIC online session will be held before onsite event at Museum in Hangzhou, China. We assume IFIC 2020 will be held in late May.

Language used in Online session is ENGLISH.

Possibile Schedule

IFIC 2020 Online Sessions

RegistrationE.g. 2020.5.4
Seminar OnlineE.g. 2020.5.13
Invention Exhibition Online (Invention Gallery)E.g. 2020.5.13-24
Activity: Ice BreakingE.g. 2020.5.13-15
Activity: Big ChallengeE.g. 2020.5.15-24
Judging Day (Judging Circle Online)E.g. 2020.5.17


Students will fill online registration form. Filled information include,

  • Name, gender, school, grade, language
  • Contact information
  • Online judging time preference
  • Invention information, and upload photos of inventor, invention, displayboard, and pdf file of full logbook
  • And one question that this student want other inventors to guess about his/her invention

Seminar Online

Seminar will be in the form of Webinar. Video conference platform ZOOM might be used. This could also be done by pre-recorded video. Topic of seminar can be one of the following,

  • Orientation: Guide students how to participate in coming online activities.
  • Inventors Talk: Student inventors share their stories. (May be good for younger child)
  • Inventing in Real World: Industry experts showing the journey of an idea to a great product.(May be good for older child)

Invention Exhibition Online (Invention Gallery)

All inventions participating IFIC Judging Circle Online will be exhibited in Inventor Gallery. So that more people can see their inventions.

Note: Information shown on Invention Gallery is different with the information shown to judges.


Students will be asked to complete 2 online missions.

  • Ice Breaking
  • Big Challenge

When Ice Breaking is completed, they will get a jpg file of IF badge. Then, when Big Challenge is completed, they will further get a 3D-printing file of IF badge. After that they can add any words they want to IF bage, and send this 3D-printing file to local organizer to have a real 3D-printed badge!

Note: In China, we can get IF badges printed and send to students during the event. How about in US and UK?

Judging Day (Judging Circle Online)

Webinar will be used for judging circle online. Possible time could be

  • Connecticut 9-10AM, London 2-3PM, Beijing 9-10PM, Judging Circle with students from US, UK, CN
  • Connecticut 10-11AM or 2-3PM, London 3-4PM or 7-8PM, Judging Circle with students from US, UK
  • London 9-10AM, Beijing 4-5PM, Judging Circle with students from UK, CN

The process of Judging Circle online is the same as onsite Judging Circle,

  • 3 Judges and 4-8 inventors in the same judging circle
  • Each judging circle is a webinar, 1 judge will be the host to facilitate the whole judging
  • One by one, Inventor will present 4 mins, followed by 5 mins Q&A with judges and other students. Then 1 min for judges to finish the online score form.
  • After log in, judges and students can view detail information of inventions in the same judging circle.

Note: Judges and students need to be familiar with Webinar platform first.


IFIC onsite awards are also available to online participants. Judging Circle Online results will be considered the same as IFIC 2020 onsite judging results when calculating scores for awards.

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