IFG is NOT a formal organization with offices, dues and regulations, but rather a very informal association of people and organizations around the world who are running Invention Education programs and events in their own countries. They will share ideas and support each other, but there is no membership requirement other than wanting to be part of IFG mission.

InventFuture.Global Member Organizations

Kids&Code, Arab

An educational organization for Arab children around the world officially registered in the UK The organization offers courses to teach the basics of programming and logical thinking in addition to lessons to support innovation and invention via the Internet for children from 8 to 14 years of age at different levels. Our programs help the child to develop problem-solving skills, logical and engineering thinking in a creative entertaining manner, get the opportunity to participate in local and international competitions, and attend distinguished conferences in innovation and innovation worldwide. Kids & Codes accompanies the child on an enjoyable educational journey from beginning to professionalism, individual follow-up and interactive sessions via the Internet that develop communication skills, stimulate creativity, enhance the child’s self-confidence, and push him to think as a successful engineer.

The Learning Partnership, Canada

The Learning Partnership is a registered Canadian charity that brings together business, educators and strategic partners to design and deliver innovation education programs focused on early learners in schools across Canada. Our programs build the essential skills and competencies needed in tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and problem solvers. They enhance provincial curricula, are aligned with Canada’s innovation agenda, and are made available to students, parents and educators through the generous support of our education sector partners and funding from corporate, government, foundation and private donors.

Yo Invento, Chile

Yo Invento is an invention education program in the Los Ríos Region of Chile through Faculty of Engineering , Southern University of Chile. Provides teacher training and help school teachers to run the program in schools. 10 schools with more than 250 students participated in the program in 2020.

IDE Education, China

IDE is the affiliate member of Invention Convention Coalition. Holding K-12 IF Invention Convention annually in China. Provides PD, in-school invention & entrepreneurship programs, and international camps for students from K-12.

 IndiaFIRST® Robotics (IFR) , India

 IndiaFIRST® Robotics (IFR) was incorporated in the year 2009 with an aim of reaching out to the last mile of India for teaching STEM education and Robotics. With this sole purpose, we decided to introduce indigenously designed robotic kits which are affordable, open-source and provide the right platform for multiple complex designs to the students. 

Makers Duniya, India

Makers Duniya, founded in March 2018, is the brainchild of Prateek Agarwal and Prawal Pratap Singh, Electronics and Communication Engineer with specialization in Robotics. Makers Duniya is focusing on fostering innovation through hands-on learning and empower teachers & students with content, methodology and technology, to enable “Learning by Doing” and to provide a platform that fosters creativity, learning and imagination altogether. Aim to create a workspace where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself kits and equipment on – Science, Electronics, Robotics, Open Source Microcontroller Boards, Sensors, 3D printers, Drones, Mechanical and Electronic Tools, Computers and much more.

Krya.id, Indonesia

Krya.id is a center for developing creativity and innovation of the youth through collaborative activities that inspire, create, and dedicate their creations to the society. Krya.id implements their working cycle (Inspiring – Creating – Dedicating) in designing learning experiences for students that can be integrated and implemented in their real life through several programs such as Ideation and Innovation Session for kids, youth and adult through Make Innovation and Dedicate It (M!ND) WorKLass and M!NDKLass as well as Kids and Youth Project Preparation.

Sri KDU Secondary School, Malaysia

The secondary school years, Secondary 1-5, are a time of exploration. Usually at this stage, students discover new things about themselves, what they are good and weak at and which group of friends they fit into. Therefore, Sri KDU Secondary School’s programme is designed to guide, nurture and support students to be mature adults, ready to tackle obstacles through this dynamic transitional period. The holistic environment the school possesses is through interactive learning and international perspectives to prepare students for the intellectual, societal and global demands of the 21st Century. The school’s mission is to develop each individual student to prepare them for success beyond secondary school. This is made possible with a carefully planned way of learning from a teacher-centred teaching method to a student-centred learning environment. To today’s generation, the world is big and there are various cultures and distinctive ways of thinking. Hence, at Sri KDU Secondary School, we design the teaching methodology for students to view issues from a global point of view. Teachers are well qualified and committed to injecting international perspectives into the national curriculum where applicable, or through a comparative approach to global themes and awareness of global events.

Mexico Inventa, Mexico

A new horizon in Mexican education by developing a new generation of inventors. Since early ages, by promoting Invention Education, we enable students to acquire and domain the four main innovation processes: 1) Scientific method, 2) Engineering process, 3) Invention process, and 4) Entrepreneurship process. We envision a Mexico with new generations of young inventors, entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that solve significant problems, contributing enormously to our country’s economic, social, and human development.

Institute of Inventors & Innovators, South Africa

South Africa’s non-profit organization focussed on educating and supporting independent inventors.

Discovery STEM Education, United Kingdom

Discovery STEM Education supports educators to develop the next generation of global STEM collaborators through its Global Robotics Education and Global Invention Education programmes.

Innovation World, United States

Innovation World (IW) is the “Hub” of all things innovation, providing resources, opportunities and collaborative events for K-12 students innovators, inventors and the programs who support and inspire innovation. Providing access to innovative curriculum, STEAM-aligned challenges, podcasts, and premier innovative programs, like the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT), www.innovationworld.org is the go-to innovation resource. Innovation World Alliance (IWA) is the latest IW program, bringing together a coalition of organizations partnering to inspire, promote and celebrate innovation locally, nationally, and globally.

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