The InventFuture.Global mission is to
support and enable students to develop and improve their problem-solving skills so that they will be able to handle and overcome the many problems and issues that they will face in their adult lives and careers. 

Inspiring Future Inventors

Today’s students will be inspired to be problem-solvers, to be inventors. That is exactly what they will be asked to do in their futures – identify problems and create solutions by using the materials and facts that already exist.

Help Them to Understand the World Today

Invention events all around the world are held to celebrate the innovating spirits of young inventors and/or entrepreneurs. InventionFuture.Global Invention Convention programs connect students and educators in different countries to invention events held globally. The inventions made by students from all over the world, but not only help the student create the future, but also help them to understand the world today.

Life Changing Experience

Invention is a process that requires collaboration, hands-on application of STEM, creative problem solving, entrepreneurship and an understanding that moments of failure are necessary on the path to success. 

IFG Summer Challenge
Meet Innovative Excellence

What IF you can make a difference?

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